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Excellent solution

The DLG Innovation Commission awarded the overall solution together with the Slicer 960/1010 from Fendt AGCO GmbH a silver medal at the Agritechnica Innovation Award 2023. The commission thus confirmed that the solution brings outstanding benefits for farmers among the large number of innovations.





Our origin

CONGRA conditioner control

After eight years with one of the top agricultural technology manufacturers, founder Victor Klüber returned to agricultural practice. At the Agrargenossenschaft Rhönland eG as head of the crop production department, he was responsible, among other things, for the production of high-quality basic feed for the 1,700 dairy cows. Here in practice he had to learn that despite various measures such as regular sampling, checking the dry matter data from the forage harvester's moisture sensor and paying attention to the weather and growing conditions, it was very difficult to maintain the optimal dry matter content of the wilted silage. Even after he had to leave the company for family reasons, the topic didn't let him go. In collaboration with Rhönland eG, he started looking for causes. The analysis of the area-specific dry matter data quickly showed that the dry matter data fluctuates very strongly across the area.

Over time, algorithms were found with which to predict the dry matter content on a site-specific basis using multispectral data. So it made sense to achieve homogeneous wilting of the crop using a mowing conditioner whose intensity could be adjusted for each area. With the help of technologies from Victor Klüber's new employer  The first prototype was built on the company's own Krone Big M 450. This is still in use today. The company is convinced that the technology used can achieve more consistent dry matter content in the silage.

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